Cyber security is an issue of primary importance in recent times. It is something that concerns large and small businesses, alike. Since 2019 is about to dawn over us, the relevance of securing our online data and privacy has grown exponentially. Several Cyber Security threats continue to hover over the online goodwill of these businesses. Also, many new security threats are emerging at an alarming rate. Well, there are extensive Cyber Security solutions available for enterprises and other large-scale business. However, when it is about small businesses and startups, the scenario is questionable.

Startups face a lot of challenge in their initial running years. These challenges range from funding, the pooling of right leads and opportunities, or simply the lack of experience. Cyber Security s one such critical business decision. In 2016, Uber reported that hackers stole the information of over 57 million riders and drivers. If a large business like Uber can experience a data breach, then startups are definitely not in their best state when it comes to securing their data.

There are definitely some common mistakes related to the Cyber Security decisions that startups make. Committing these mistakes is putting their budding data at risk which can eventually cause new leads and clients to lose interest and trust in a particular startup and its offering. Hence, startups must avoid committing these mistakes at all costs. It is important for their growth and security.

So, here are some of the most common Cybersecurity mistakes that startups must avoid at all costs. Let’s explore them.

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